Virginia (Ginnie) Priest

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The awe of the birth experience led me to midwifery approximately 37 years ago. To date I've attended nearly 1900 births. My commitment to home birth has continued to embrace and build upon: the traditions, sanctity and professionalism practiced by my predecessors. The individuality and intensely personal nature of bringing a newborn into this world is always a pivotal life experience. In my practice, I support and empower the family to make the experience as meaningful, pleasant, and enjoyable as possible.

Milestones Event Dates

  • '72 - Santa Cruz, CA attended birth center workshops
  • '73 - Milwaukee, WI started attending home births
  • '75 - Attended a Series of Childbirth Classes
  • '75 - Founding Member of the Guild of Wisconsin Midwives
  • '82 - American Red Cross First Aid Course
  • '83 - Milwaukee, WI, 1st MANA conference
  • '84 - Master Midwife Permit Granted by NMA
  • '86 - EMT Certification
  • '86 - New Mexico - Granted Midwife License
  • '86 - Guild of Wisconsin Midwives Certification
  • '91 - Neonatal Resuscitation-recertification every other year
  • '94 - Assisted my 1,000 birth
  • '96 - CPM (Certified Professional Midwife) granted by NARM
  • '97 - Neonatal Screening in Wisconsin-State Lab of Hygiene
  • '97 - Breastfeeding Initiator
  • '02 - Certified Breastfeeding Educator
  • '04 - Qualified Evaluator Training - NARM
  • '05 - State Vital Records - Homebirth Designee for filing Birth Certificates
  • '06 - Governor signed bill to License Midwifery in Wisconsin
  • '08 - Wisconsin, New Mexico License Renewal
  • '09 - ALSO-Advanced Life Support in Obstetrics-WI Medical College
  • '10 - Wisconsin, New Mexico License Renewal
  • *NOTE: I attend a minimum of 30 contact hours of midwifery continuing education
    every 3 years. This includes a 5 hour peer review which fulfills the renewal requirements for the CPM certification and my NM and WI Licenses.

    My career has and continues to be an on-going effort requiring I be a student, teacher, and support person. I welcome any questions about my background, education, and how I manage complications. I am proud to carry on the time honored professional tradition of Midwifery. I advocate home births because I believe we must take back not only the responsibility but the process of well-being.

    Guild of Wisconsin Midwives '83