Psalm 127:3 "Behold, children are a gift of the Lord; the fruit of the womb is His reward."


Below are a number of testimonials
about homebirth experiences with Ginnie.
They were provided by Clients, Colleagues,
and both New and Old Friends

Joanne, retired teacher: Ginnie has an outstanding understanding of human behavior.

Hi Ginnie, I happened upon your website today for the first time. How cute to see Sophia in the pictures. She celebrated her 4th birthday last month and is very happy and healthy. I don't know if Mindy ever contacted you about her coming birth. They have insurance for people who live overseas and they wouldn't pay if they were home within 2 years of their last visit. So, they opted for a birth in Austria. I will be leaving in about a month to be with her. I am sad that I won't get to share this special time with you. I wanted to let you know what a support and encouragement you were to me in my "unexpected" late-in-life pregnancy with Sophie. I am very blessed to have had you so close for my last 3 births. Thank you. God bless. Judy G

I keep forgetting to tell you this.... A few weeks after Lucy was born, I was at an intimate work meeting. The women were sharing their birth stories. One of the girls said she was going to have a home birth but that she acquired preclampsia and had to have a hospital birth. She needed to be induced due to her blood pressure. So they gave her cervadil or cytotec...one of the cervical suppositories and that she ended up being terribly allergic to it and her whole bottom, labia and all was terribly swollen and painful but she was in active labor and all they could do was to keep ice on the area. So, after a short while she told the nurse that she thought that the baby would be coming soon and to get the doctor. The nurse said no you just started you wont need the dr. for a long time. She insisted that the pressure was intense. The nurse stated that the doctor couldn't come anyways because he was having dinner with another doctor. The pt was sooo upset. She was transitioning and noone would listen to her. And then Ginnie leaned over and told her not to worry that the baby will come with or with out the doctor and that she would make sure everything was okay and be there for her. The baby came and Ginnie caught the baby, gave her to her momma and started nursing; then went to the nurses and said We need a tray. The doctor came long after all was finished and the Momma ended up with a wonderful birth. Because of Ginnie!!! I said.....Ginnie Priest? Of course, who else could save that situation with her calm assuring presence. I had a feeling you would probably remember this one. This was Lynn B....around 20 years ago. I thought you should know that you change lives! God has blessed you and you are doing his work with grace and beauty. GO GINNIE XXXOOO Colette

Karen CNM: I have been Ginnie's friend and midwifery colleague since 1976. During those years I have seen her adjust her practice to keep up with changes in medical science, midwifery politics and client needs. She has never, however, wavered from support and respect for women's ability to give birth with safety and dignity in the privacy of their own homes.

Tracii: GP is a peaceful, practical, professional midwife. From assistance with pregnancy, cold viruses to collecting our cord blood, Ginnie was always available with helpful guidance. We thank G for great pregnancy and birth experiences. Our beautiful son thanks her for the help with his journey into this world! Feel free to list us as a reference….

Grandma Jeev: Anyone can get an education or pick a career. GP is truly special because she has the innate talent and intuition to excel at what her passion dictates. She was there every step of the way for my daughter and son-in-law, and our family has an INCREDIBLE experience we will never forget when our grandson was born at home.

Jane Crawford Peterson CPM: GP has been a midwife for 30years. This dedication has given her experience that compliments a practice bases in both the art and science of birth. She is capable, competent and remarkable. I would trust her with my life.

Kim: Ginnie eased our concern and fears of what to expect with our 1st birth.

She instilled confidence in the natural way of birthing and is very cautious and thorough in her midwifery.

While in labor Ginnie continually spoke words of direction and support. I felt very confident having her by my side.

It was a wonderful experience to have a homebirth in the comfort of our home with my husband.

Ginnie gave the baby and I great postpartum care, whenever I had a concern she was just a call away. She also came out to the house a few times to see how things were going.
Born At Home-1st baby

Katie: Our experience in delivering of our first child in the hospital was that it was very “managed” by the hospital staff, and our birth plan was not followed at all. I felt coerced into procedures that we were uncomfortable with, and the experience was not at all the natural plan that we had hoped for. While we respect the fact that there are times medical procedures are necessary in saving at-risk babies or their mothers, we firmly believe in the natural approach that midwifery takes. We are grateful for our opportunities to deliver our subsequent children at home.

Grandma Becky: As an advocate for homebirth, a homebirth mama of five, and now a grandma of two home-birthed babies, I was in AWE of Ginnie, while my daughter labored and pushed out those beautiful grandbabies for us to adore. Her knowledge of the human body and the birthing process was amazing, as she consoled, encouraged, coached, and enlightened everyone around her. Her dedication and love were a constant. Ginnie's problem solving skills and intuition, along with her many and varied experiences, makes her a midwifery professional unlike any other.

Stephen: The first time I met GP I had accompanied my Wife to a prenatal visit for our second child. I was immediately impressed with Ginnie's professionalism and confidence. When the day came for our little boy to be born, Ginnie's word guided us into a beautiful event that will forever be locked in our memories

Dear Ginnie,

It's important that you know how comfortable and confident I felt under your care for the delivery of my baby.  First, my husband and I came to you when I was 30 weeks pregnant and at the time my husband really wasn't excited about this desire I had to have a home birth.  With your thorough knowledge, the time you took to meet with us and your ability to answer our questions he was soon as eager as I was.  The experience ended up being the highlight of both of our lives.  Even though I had issues of meconium in the fluid and a very quick delivery (with almost no time to prep) you were able to handle and manage everything with ease.  We often joke about how this baby was meant to be a home birth, whether we were planning for it or not!  So, thank you for doing such a great job and for always continuing to be there for me. Most sincerely, Mari H 


Kelly: I know of no other person than a midwife who cares for every aspect of a woman's needs. Ginnie excels in regarding me as not only a woman with child, but a woman with several children, with a husband, with friends, with problems, with duties, with talents, with a past and a future, with a soul and most of all, with an individual spirit and purpose in this life. A good midwife assists a woman in this grand undertaking of motherhood and beyond…for the good of the woman, the child, the couple and her entire LIFE. Midwifery is about entire lives. 4 beautiful home birthed blessings