I will give support and encouragement throughout care.

Please Note:

I absolutely honor the confidentiality of information and details with regard to each client's situation

The following is an overview of the services I will provide to you:

Preconception guidance

Pregnancy care:

The initial visit prenatal visit averages 1 hrs., follow-up prenatal visits averages 45 mins., allowing plenty time for questions and answers

Review the check list and the medical history form Print 1st Visit Kit

Counsel in nutrition, exercise and preventive care

Assess the pregnancy developments and share pertinent information

Library on related topics

Network for related classes

Sale of vitamins, herbs and other related products

Help facilitate an emergency back-up plan

Visit your home before the birth

Birth care:

Monitor mom and baby for safety while honoring the family's uniqueness

Serve as a guardian of normal birth, while assessing conditions which may point to complications

Continue to be skilled in emergency measures

Bring appropriate medical equipment to your home to stabilize mother and baby until critical care can be obtained

Cord blood registry requirements if desired

Water birth and pool available (see description)

Remain in the home until baby and mom are stable and comfortable

Postpartum care:

The first postpartum visit will take place 24-30 hours after birth in your home, and another at 3-5 day if needed

Assessment of mom and baby

Assist with the postpartum adjustments for all the family

Continuous telephone availability for questions or problems

6 week follow-up visit in my home office

Newborn care:

Monitor the baby's vitality immediately after the birth

Help establish breastfeeding

At the next visit, in addition to the evaluation, the Infant Health Screen is completed

File the birth certificate with the State Vital Records

It is recommended that the baby be seen by baby's Dr. within the first two weeks of life

Transfer of care:

When referring a client to another health care provider all pertinent information will be given, to allow for the safest and most efficient transfer of care

Accompany the client to the hospital and will remain with her until the case is resolved. If your birth does not go as planned, follow-up visits are crucial for the understanding of your birth events

Financial arrangements:

Have a sliding fee scale ranging from $1,900 - $3,600, based on the availability to pay. of the payment should be paid by the home visit at 36 weeks, and the remainder on the 1st postpartum visit. If applicable, insurance will be bill the usual and customary fees according to the care given. Should the birth occur in the hospital, individual arrangements will be based on the situation.